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Sergiorio Photography

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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Sergio has been a part of the surfing community on Maui for almost 15 yrs. As a participant photographer, he has been able to develop a critical eye for the perfect action shot. A combination of angles and motion, with Maui’s beautiful watercolor and landscape, that can transcend from lava rock to green lush foliage in a blink of an eye. His constant presence, and his love for photography and the outdoors, have earned him a position to be able to develop relationships with many influential people in the industry. From professional athletes to senior editor photographers, magazine editors and owners of some of the local and nationwide media including Freesurf Magazine, The Stand Up Surf and Sail Journal, SUPsurfer Magazine and the Stand Up Zone, Sergio’s talent have with no questions, already been discovered. His commitment to customer service is what makes him one of the most pleasant people to have around, and his responsive approach to photo creation, editing, and delivery is what sets him apart from other photographers.

If you are planning to come to Maui, if you are already here visiting or better yet…if you live here, check out Sergio’s website at or feel free to give him a call. Private Sessions are available at very affordable prices. Get two of your friends together and get out there for a couple of hours.
Photographs are memories and there is no better place than Maui to get in to the action.
You will be stoked!


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