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Twin Falls

Twin Falls, Maui

Natalie Brown Photography

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Being able to capture the beauty that natural light casts on a scene is what landscape photography is all about. Combining composition, light, exposure and color is a photographic skill that Natalie has been practicing for over 10 years.

Black Rock at night

Black Rock at Night


Natalie has traveled extensively. She loves to see new possibilities for great photos around each corner of the world. She has traveled to Greece, Canada, Australia, France, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Mexico, Tahiti, and of course all over the United States. She has a keen eye for composing a perfect representation of a place in a wide shot, and she can also focus down and capture the unusually beautiful details of a location. Maui has a plethora of beauty that is a constant inspiration for her.


Natalie's landscape photography can be ordered in many different sizes. Contact her with inquiries.