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1st, pay online through our Secure Quickbooks Credit Card Subscription in the amount of $44.25/month + tax.

2nd, send us an email.


Please include the following in your email:

1. Photographers Full Name

– Company name can be added as well, but you will be listed in order of membership date.

2. Category

– Choose a category page to be listed on.

(Optional) You can add additional listings for each category if you do different types of photography. Any additional listings added will cost a one time fee of $50 per page. With this, you will have a short description under a new category linking to your page. If you want to have another different page specific to the new category, you will need to subscribe for another $19.95/month.

3. Phone Number

4. Email Address

5. Short Description

– Under 50 words for your listing of which will link to your full page.

6. Long Description

– This description must be unique and written for this website. It can be as long as you’d like, and we encourage length. With the 3-4 images, if there is too little text, it will look bare. This description can encompass a bio, education, experience in your field, the equipment you use, testimonials, etc…

7. Three Web Safe Images

– please minimize the size. The images must be no more than 350 pixels wide and 350 pixels tall. You may have them be in landscape, portrait, or square format so long as it is within the parameters, and saved for web.

(Optional) You may pay to have additional images over the first included 3 at $25 per image.

(8)Business Address (optional)

-Only If you have a gallery or studio on Maui that you conduct business from.

(9)Website URL (1 link) *

– With your webpage subscription, the 1st link on that page is included.

(10)Business Name(optional)

(11)Add an optional Badge to your website. NOW YOU'RE FINISHED!

(Optional) You now can add a Maui Photographers Organization Badge to your website.

photo Member Badge

Click on the badge to learn how to quickly add one to your website.


CHANGES: After initial upload, any changes that you need us to make to your page, or short description on the listing page, will cost $50 per page.


* If you're interested in adding your URL links to your pages, please send the above in an email to us and click on Advertising to set up your subscriptions. Links are included on a traffic value basis. We follow all Search Engine Guidelines. This is not a way to cheat your way in SEO.

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