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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is every Photographer on Maui listed?

– Not yet. The Maui Photographers Organization is working hard to promote this website to photographers and their respective clients. Our lists are constantly growing and soon will encompass all of Maui's Photographers.


Are all of the listed photographers highly recommended?

– We allow all working photographers on Maui to submit their work and descriptions. Each photographer writes their own description and selects their own images. Though we think everyone listed has good work, we can not personally recommend them for your shoot. Maui Photographers Organization is here to give you the information and let you go from there.


Will I get quality visitors to my site by being listed here?

–Yes! We've proven this by hearing from photographers regularly that have had new clients contact them. If you're interested in joining, see our Quick and Easy Steps.

If you're interested in advertising beyond your free page, see our Advertising and Links page.


How can I be sure that I'll get work from this site? Is there a guarantee?

–Yes! We guarantee you'll get quality traffic to your site and/or phone calls inquiring about shoots. If you don't, we will cancel your subscription immediately. We will not be able to give a refund for any past work done due to the man hours put into building each page.


Why should I have a page listed on this website when I have a website already?

–This website is the users portal to Maui Photographers. Having full page listings, that are reviewed before added, helps keep all of our lists relevant and useful to those looking for a photographer in Maui. This is a powerful resource to our viewers. We have many other relevant Maui websites that will be linking to and sending traffic to this site. We will be putting heavy work everyday into getting this website ranked at the top in all search engines. (Try Googling "Maui Photographers" and you'll see we're #1!)

It's important for you to have another presence online. Eventually this website will be ranked higher than most others in search engines, giving even the smaller photographers a chance to be seen.


Why does your email address not open up my email client when I click on it?

–Due to recent heavy spamming, we are asking that those who are contacting us with inquiries and with new applications to type in the address below. This well keep us from wasting your valuable time by deleting spam emails all day instead of getting this site ranked higher.

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