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Maui Vacation Portrait

Maui Vacation Portrait

Natalie Brown Photography

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Natalie Brown has extensive experience photographing families and couples in Maui. The key to a successful portrait is having everyone involved comfortable and having fun. Natalie puts the extra effort into making the shoot easy on you by keeping things light and relaxed. You'll be amazed at how good you and your family and friends can look when photographed in front of a perfect Maui sunset. Her packages are some of the most reasonable on the island. Call her now at (808)344-3843. You can set up a photo shoot last minute or well ahead of time. See what people are saying about her Maui vacation portraits in the testimonials below.

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"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job with our family pics! They were beautiful and I have already ordered SEVERAL!!"
Michelle Crippen

"I have loved all of the pictures, but I really love the family picture in the front of the house. Everyone looks so natural and so happy. That trip meant a lot to me. Thanks for making certain we all remember it."
Mary Smith

"Natalie, the pictures look great! We really enjoyed the shoot. These turned out really good with the lighting. Really nice on each shot. You made it easy for us and put together some really nice settings! Thanks again!"
Randy Rothrock

"Thank you Natalie! You did a fabulous job photographing our large group. We appreciate the extra photos. You were very patient and we are very pleased with the photos."
Thanks from the Lamanna and Mancini families


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