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From Scuba Diving to Surfing Big Waves at Jaws, Maui is home to many fascinating sports. Photographs of action sports in Maui are seen all over the world. Maui is also home to the best Kite boarding and wind surfing in the world.

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Maui Sports Photographer List


Maui is the perfect place to endulge in all sports, whether water or land based. Natalie is responsible for many of the activity images you see around Maui in brochures, posters, and websites. Her ability to capture Maui activities is useful to the big companies as well as for those on vacation. She has over 12 years experience in photography, and you can count on her capturing the most action packed moments.


Action Photographer Sergio Oliveira has been a Maui resident since 1994. With his main focus on Surfing, he has also expanded his photography to five other of Maui’s most practiced action sport categories including Skateboarding, Kitesurfing, Skimboarding, Bodyboarding and the rebirth of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. If you are involved with any of these categories and would like to have some images of yourself in action, Sergio is the person to contact.