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bw boat

Black and White by Blake Hill

Maui Fine Art Photographers

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All over the island you'll find many different Maui art galleries. Many of these galleries are solely for photographers and others often have some photography along with paintings and sculpture. Makawao, Lahaina, and Wailea all boast large gallery areas to tempt art lovers.

Below you'll find Maui photographers who either have galleries on island, or sell their prints on island. The fine art photography that you'll find on Maui can range from beautiful Maui landscape shots to fascinating urban life shots. The diversity makes Maui home to an eclectic mix of images found nowhere else in the world.


Maui Fine Art Photographer List


Blake found his way to fine art photography after spending countless years in the film industry. He has an eye for capturing color and lives to preserve those rare moments of beauty where the light is fast changing. Maui offers a spectacular playground for art and Blake loves to capture her beauty.

Jungle Hill



Natalie has been shooting fine art photography from day one. Coming from a family of photographers, she has been shooting since she was very young. They encouraged her creative skills throughout her school years and she graduated with a bachelors in Fine Art Photography. Natalies inspiration for fine art is the beautiful Maui landscapes.

Maui Beach